Feather Head by Kyla Seeta AllenHi there and welcome to the TEMPORARY site of Kyla (Seeta) Allen of Twin Wolf Designs LLC.

I have currently changed my domain server as well as the design of my website.  It will take about seven (7) days for the domains to “talk” to one another and the final changes to take place.  

Most of the work here is out of date so if you have any questions, please contact me directly at twinwolfdesigns@gmail.com or 928-300-0299 and I’ll be glad to assist you.

Thank you for your patience as I go through these changes and I hope you will stopping by sometime late next week for the new and improved twinwolfdesigns!  Have an awesome week!   Kyla

Kickstarter Project

Memory Pouches by Kyla (Seeta) AllenFor those of you following my Kickstarter project “In Memory of the Magic,” the project has been on-line for a few days and has already reached 36% funded!  I am so excited!  I do hope everyone keeps sending this forward and blogging it and liking it on Facebook!  I have about 26 days to go to get the rest of the project funding and then I will really be getting to work!

Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far and let’s keep it going!  I have some magical pouches just waiting to be made!

By Kyla

A Peek at a Past Gallery

Here are some samples of painted memory pouches that Kyla has made in the past.

(If you notice the name “Seeta” on the bottom of some the pouches, that is because Kyla is also known by the name Seeta Anarishkwa, or “Fire Wolf” in Wyandot.)

By Kyla


This site is under construction so please pardon the mess and cobwebs and general “what the heck is going on here” look.

And yes, I am an artist and not a software technician so I inadvertently published the site long before it was ready (…on day one of construction!) So please check back later for the final version, or come back sooner to watch the messy progress (like watching a building being constructed with heavy cranes…somewhat scary but you just can’t look away!)

By Kyla